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Peace of Mind Tax Solutions


ATX Solution Inc The Tax Expert for US income tax for Residents and Expats.

Plan ahead to be prepared and enjoy peace of mind Tax laws are changing every year with new requirements and regulations. These changes impact the way you file your taxes and with a proper tax planning strategy done in a timely manner, give you new opportunities for tax optimization.
Our federally licensed tax experts work with you to understand your business and investments. Our experts provide tax savings advices and complete tax planning strategies in compliance with tax laws. We help you to navigate the complex U.S. tax laws and get everything in order so you save time and money and avoid any unpleasant surprises.
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Tax Preparation service

tax, irs, accountant, NYS,  tax preparation, tax preparer

We are relationship-based tax preparers, combining experience and technology to serve our clients remotely and in person serves are avalible.

Our wordwide clientles include US citizens and international clients, self-employed, rental property and  business owners.

Our tax professionals provide tax services for all filing situations.

Tax Resolution service

tax, irs, accountant, NYS,  tax preparation, tax preparer

Being sudited from the IRS or the State Tax Authorities can cost you time and energy. Our licensed professionals, settle more cases than most other CPA's and tax attorneys. We attempt to achieve tax debt relief at the lowest amount allowed by law. We communicate professionally with the IRS and the State Tax Authorities on your behalf. Our tax resolution services reduce your anxiety and stress.

Tax planning & Consulting

tax, irs, accountant, NYS,  tax preparation, tax preparer

Tax planing is crucial and is very important, planning ahead of time using our personalized tax planning strategy can helps you save taxes now and in the future. The strategy we propose accounts for all aspects of local, state and federal taxation at the end you pay minimum taxes with maximum refund allowable by law. 

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