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tax, irs, accountant, NYS

Seth Medellin, Trader

As a US citizen working and living in Paris, I also invested in crypto currency I needed to report worldwide income, foreign assets and foreign bank accounts-FBAR. How to make sure that I don't pay taxes twice in two countries? I was wondering where can I find an accountant to file my U.S. taxes? I then found ATX Solution online. Couldn't be an easier or a better experience. Everything is done remotely. I filled out a tax organizer online.  I had all my income and expenses in spreadsheets and I just attached them to the tax organizer. After submitting my documents ATX Solution reviewed everything and asked me some clarifying questions. We talked by email. The tax return and efile were completed on my schedule. If I needed to get someone on the phone, that was always an option too. Excellent experience!

tax, irs, accountant, NYS

Yan Wu, Science Professor

Very friendly and helpful. Her service is amazing and made this year's tax experience really pleasant, despite having to file taxes for five states for my royalty income and public speeches (thanks consulting). We do everything remotely without me going to her office.This saved me a lot of time.

tax, irs, accountant, NYS

David Johnson, Computer Programer

You are the best I have tried several other accountants before coming to you and honestly, no one comes close.  Definitely the most proffessional people L've worked with. I got everything I xpected and more. Highly recommended.

tax, irs, accountant, NYS

Amy Williams, Medical Doctor

Owning a medical practice and have variety of income from writing books and selling vitamins online. I needed to file many different type of tax retuns. It has been challenging to find an accountant who can do everything. I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Filing my taxes is so overwhelming and it is one of the times where I feel really aware of complexity of my taxes, but she makes the entire process so easy and is willing to answer every one of my questions.

tax, irs, accountant, NYS

Minda Martinez, Business Owner

I've been to other places in the past, they stated they could save me so much money, but I get audited by the IRS. ATX Solution solved my tax problems and saved me $175,000 in taxes and penalties. Since meeting her I can say I feel like I'm in heaven, she always responds to emails quickly, and the process was painless, She's a true great hearted person, honest, loving, caring and perfect. Thank you.

tax, irs, accountant, NYS

Annalisa Riccobene, Model

She was great. I'm a nonresident alien from Italy modeling in NYC- I needed help with international tax.  She has been serving international clients for many years  and therefore knows exactly what she is doing. I'd wholly recommend her, especially for expats in NYC. I have to file my final tax return when I am in Italy next year. I can do this remotely

without traveling back to the NYC.

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